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About Joe Marsillo

With over a decade of experience, I have been doing home inspections in Laval and surrounding areas.

My Mission

I strive to inspect with extreme diligence so there is no room for surprises. 

Core Values

Making sure that you know exactly what kind of property you’re investing in. 

Educating My Clients on Building Inspection

I will show you how everything in your house works, how to maintain it, and add more value to it. 

Home Inspector

As a home inspector, I play a crucial role in property purchases. I thoroughly examine structures and systems for issues, from the foundation to the roof. By identifying concerns, I empower buyers with insights to make informed decisions about their investment.

Real Estate Inspector

As a Real Estate Inspector, I meticulously assess properties for condition and compliance. From structures to systems, I identify issues and safety hazards, providing comprehensive reports for informed decision-making in real estate transactions.

Commercial Inspections

As a Commercial Inspector, I specialize in assessing commercial properties for condition and compliance. My meticulous evaluations cover structural integrity, safety features, and regulatory adherence, providing comprehensive reports that enable informed decision-making for businesses and investors.

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Tips for Homebuyers

Inside my free, downloadable booklet, I provide you with valuable tips that can help streamline your real estate transaction by making it go quicker and smoother with the help of your APCHQ Certified Professional Inspector.

I will inspect your house according to APCHQ Home Inspection Standards of Practice.

Meet our Inspector

Joe Marsillo

Certified Master Inspector CMI®

I am a Certified Master Inspector CMI®. I have been performing residential, multiplex and commercial inspections for over 12 years in many neighborhoods of the North Shore, Laval, Montreal, South Shore, Laurentians and elsewhere. I would be honored to inspect your home.

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